Doing What’s Right to Deliver World-Class Transformational Services

In my 25+ years in this industry, I’ve learned that “doing what’s right” isn’t just good for our clients, it’s good for our business as well.

Five times I’ve been honored with an Account Executive of the Year award on my way to my current role as a Director of Business Development at RCG Global Services. Why? I’m certain it’s because I’ve made truth, transparency, and follow-through the core of each of my client relationships.

At RCG, we provide transformational services that deliver measurable results by asking the right questions, listening carefully to the answers, crafting advanced solutions, and backing them up. The confidence and trust that this produces in our clients is why we’ve been successful for more than 40 years and enjoy a level of loyalty rarely seen in this business.


John Marshall

Managing Partner

P:  847-413-4251

C: 847-814-8100


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