About the event:

RCG Global Services partnered with Google and Automation Anywhere to explore the trends and pace in innovation and latest about the future of AI, Automation, Cloud, Digital Workforce and Digital Transformation leaders on the cutting edge at Chicago’s white-hot innovation center, 1871! 

  • Dr. Rob Nelson, Intelligent Innovation Head for RCG presented an overview of some shocking trends and statistics related to the pace and demands of innovation.

  • James Quid, Enterprise RPA Solutions Leader at Automation anywhere provided a compelling overview the exciting opportunity presented by Automation.

  • Eric Perler, lead Innovation Engineer at RCG gave a live demo of live data streaming with machine learning to prevent and intervene to stop credit card fraud.

  • Mike Bernico, Machine Learning Cloud Consultant, data scientist and guru at Google provide a highly informative overview of AI and Machine Learning in the Cloud with an eye to the future of AI and cloud compute power.

This signature event was attended by a variety of industry leaders coming from different sectors and backgrounds including Con Agra, Abbott Healthcare, Northwestern University, Heico, Showpad and others. RCG Global Services also unveiled its latest thought leadership on AI: an e-book on AI and Automation: 5 Steps to Trailblaze your AI Journey, shorten your digital transformation and raise your digital army to win.

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