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Organizations must constantly adapt, solve and proliferate not merely to gain competitive advantage but also simply to survive while pitted against ever-evolving opposing organizations in an ever-changing environment. The way consumers demand and request services has changed as lines are blurred between industries and access to information is at their fingertips. Everyone is running faster just to make progress.

RCG has teamed up with Databricks and Precisely to discuss the foundation that financial services organizations need to harness the explosion of data information to create competitive advantage and unique and differentiated customer experiences, at the “speed of now”.

We'll share our thoughts on the anticipated opportunity that 5G, WiFi6 and IoT present to harness new and massive amounts of data and why you need to move now to prepare for this future.

Databricks-Junta Nakai, Precisely-Tim McKenzie, RCG- Debashis Rana and Joe Mendel



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