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In 2021 and beyond,  your customers' experience will overtake price and product as the major brand differentiator.  Micro-personalization in this hyper-business environment is the key to create a differentiated customer experience for financial services organizations.  A micro-atomic level of understanding of the behavioral tendencies and the ability to derive insight for predictive and prescriptive offerings will be pivotal to success. 

The ability to harness this insight and to engineer the velocity to go to market starts with a single version of the truth: of who the customer is and what their value is to you.  This sounds simple...but is it easy?  Is your organization on track to capture market share?

This webinar will focus on:

  • Why identity resolution is foundational to meeting your business objectives.
  • The key components of an effective identify resolution program.
  • Outlining fundamental steps to implementing an identity resolution initiative.
  • A case study with important benefits of identity resolution program.

Join experts from RCG Global Services in exploring what is possible on our 30-minute webinar, followed by a live 15-minute Q&A session with:

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Date: March 31, 2021

Broadcast Time: 10:00 AM Central, 11 EST, 8 PST

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